Each of the established systems in the country always entices severe criticism. The Indian Education system particularly has been the victim of a number of allegations from the part of students, parents as well as teachers.

Education SystemStudents feel overburdened, parents’ expectation is 99.99 percentage for their students, teachers think that they are getting enough payment.

Nowadays, a number of steps have been taken for the reforming the education; however, it requires a lot more than this.

Rote Learning

Many IB schools around India are making an attempt at bringing in interactive education and it is definitely a praiseworthy step.

Rote learning is referred to as the information memorization depending on repetition. The two biggest examples involved with learning are the numbers and alphabet. Bit more complicated examples are spelling words and multiplication tables.

At the level of high school, the elements along with their chemical numbers must be retained by rote. Many a time, teachers utilize rote learning without realizing they are doing so.

It is helpful to apply significant relationships to fundamental skills. Rote learning involved with a bigger role than most of the teachers will like to identify in learning climate of today.

Marking System

All other wrongs linked to the Indian education system eventually concluded to the procedure in which students are marked.

If the axis associated with marking and grading can be shifted to project work, classroom participation, leadership skills, communication along with extracurricular performance, then a genuine student can shine out only.

All Streams should get Equal Respect

Many people have infatuation of Medical and Engineering fields and they think if their children could not make their career in one of these fields, then their career will be destructed. It is a high time to change this mentality and all of 3 streams after 10th should be provided with equal respect and importance.

Not every child wants to pursue his/her career in Medical or Engineering; therefore, as a guardian, it’s your responsibility to find out the hidden potential from him/her.

Many children want to study Literature and face extreme obligation from their family. Career counseling is important for each and every child so that they could know about the available streams and courses.

You should broaden your outlook and you will find many people are doing great in their career without going to the traditional track of Medical or Engineering. It is a ray of hope that the thinking of many people is changing with the passage of time.

Education System needs Variety

After completing 10th, students have to choose from 3 Streams – Science, Arts or Commerce. But is it fair? As not every student is equally good in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology and the same is applicable to other two streams as well.

It might happen that one student is good at Physics and English. Then, why should not he go for these two subjects? Therefore, the Indian education system needs to initiate the journey of combination courses in which students can choose major and minor subjects (as per the requirements).

The Tuition Classes

Tuition classes are mushrooming day by day and it has become difficult for poor guardians to spend money for school and tuition classes both. However, small changes are slowly happening by some education providers but how quickly will such changes occur, time will tell.

We can hope that more and more positive changes will be implemented in Indian education system.

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