With the enhanced count of senior secondary graduates participating for the identical number of university placed in Hong Kong in the post-A-level period, it is expected that more Hong Kong students are looking abroad grabbing the higher education opportunities in the forthcoming future.

Facts About Hong Kong Education System

Hong Kong Education System

The significance is that Hong Kong is associated with the possibility to be a growingly attractive origin of students for institutions that are recruiting internationally, particularly whenever one contemplates their English-language capability along with the relative secondary standards in Hong Kong.

In preparation regarding recruitment, enrollment, as well as evaluation linked to credentials of future students, belonged to Hong Kong, it is expected that you will find out an insight on the education system along with the present secondary program of Hong Kong helpful.

The handover of Hong Kong happened 1997 from Britain to China. From that time, the particular education system has experienced an array of changes displaying different language involved with instruction policies and considerable maintenance of the secondary system.

Underneath is a description involved with the insights of the alterations to the senior secondary system that have become effective as of 2009/2010 and the new Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE):

  1. Compulsory education is for the duration of 9 years in which six years are of primary and three years are of junior secondary.
  2. Senior secondary is associated with the duration of 3 years and it provides coverage for the years or grades 10, 11, and 12.
  3. Education is free at public schools from Primary via Senior Secondary.
  4. Students, who are studying in Grade or Year 12, prepare themselves for HKDSE or Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education.
  5. At the finishing of the 12th year, students appear for examinations heading towards the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education or HKDSE.
  6. Depending on the results of the final examination, the HKDSE provides the senior secondary graduates with the access to a number of post-secondary, tertiary, and vocational courses that will be covered by different institutions based on some aspects.
  7. Instantly after the Handover in the year 1997, most of the local secondary schools have embraced Chinese as their instruction medium; however, from that time, many of them have gone back to an English medium instruction. In the year 2013, out of 400, 112 secondary schools provide English as their instruction medium.
  8. The new Hong Kong secondary syllabus was first initiated at the Secondary 4 level (Year/ Grade 10) in the month of September 2009.
  9. The HKDSE examinations are held at the finishing of Form 6 (Year/ Grade 12).
  10. The administration of the HKDSE examination performed for the first time during the summer of 2012.
  11. The HKDSE curriculum is associated with 4 core subjects and they are English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Liberal Arts, 2 or 4 elective subjects from an option of 20, fulfillment of “other learning experiences” (such as civic and moral education, career-related experiences, aesthetic development, community service, and physical development).

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